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16 June 2010 @ 09:20 pm
So, I don't have any graphics to offer up at this point in time, but I did give this picspam business a good try. Even though it took me forever and I wanted to tear my hair out halfway through, I enjoyed doing this and am optimistic about continuing on. The first installment features Part 1 of the Band of Brothers series; I am hopeful to finish the whole thing! It might be a little ambitious but I need some new goals, heh.

♦ Screencaps by raiindust @ rawr_caps
♦ If you want/plan to re-post these elsewhere, please credit me (lost__emotions @ fifteencookies or twomins4hooking@Tumblr) This picspam totally kicked my ass so I think I deserve it! Heh.
♦ Because of the length of BoB, some of the scenes are fairly long/large. It's hard to cut scenes from something this epic! So this picspam is most definitely not dial-up friendly. 17 large images in total.
♦ Comments appreciated :) Though, go easy on me - I'm very nervous about posting this!
♦ I normally only keep posts public for a week but I'll leave this open for a while, maybe until the next picspam is done. Enjoy!
♦ A lot of the dialogue was written out by ear personally, which is a helluva lot harder than I anticipated, but I also referenced the BoB IMDB page for correct spelling and the like. I tried my best and I know it's not perfect; much of it is paraphrased, as well.

Band of Brothers Part 1: CurraheeCollapse )
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29 February 2008 @ 09:58 pm
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